Complete Conversion, Enable On-chain transactions for ITAMCUBE

According to the rebranding plan of ITAM Games, this project will convert from ITAM token to ITAMCUBE token with a new smart contract address.

In response to the transition, ONUS has closed On-chain sending transactions for ITAM. Now, the conversion is complete. The entire amount of ITAM tokens you store on the ONUS app is automatically converted to ITAMCUBE tokens at a ratio of 1:1.

Starting from 4:00 UTC, November 8, ONUS has reopened On-chain transactions for ITAMCUBE.


  • Receive On-chain: Before 5:00 UTC March 29, 2022, you can deposit ITAM or ITAMCUBE into ONUS application and this amount will automatically be converted to ITAMCUBE. After 5:00 UTC March 29, 2022, ONUS stops supporting ITAM, only supports transactions with ITAMCUBE.
  • Send On-chain: All ITAMCUBE assets stored on ONUS are tokens under the new smart contract. You need to be careful when sending On-chain.

About ITAM Games and the ITAM token

ITAM Games is a blockchain platform born to support blockchain game developers. The ITAM Games ecosystem provides methods and tools that allow games to be easily integrated with blockchain technology. ITAM is a token operating in the ITAM Games platform and is used to exchange, buy and sell in ITAM Store and ITAM NFTs, pay fees for services provided by ITAM, and as a means of intermediary for other trading activities (leasing, staking, etc.).