Completing VIDB to ONUS Conversion

As announced, our technical team has completed maintenance on all VIDB features to kick off the transition from VIDB token to ONUS token as part of the rebranding strategy.

The conversion process has been done. The entire VIDB circulating on VNDC Wallet has been officially converted into ONUS tokens at a ratio of 1:1 (1 VIDB = 1 ONUS). This also indicates that all VIDB tokens have been turned into ONUS. Users’ balances do not change.

All VIDB functionalities have been enabled and applied to ONUS. The VIDB Shares feature has been renamed ONUS Shares.

Important Note:

  1. With the updated Smart Contract, all VIDB tokens on VNDC Wallet have been changed to ONUS. When using the On-chain transferring function, users should exercise caution.
  2. VNDC Wallet will continue to support users to send VIDB from outside to VNDC Wallet and be automatically converted into ONUS, applied in 30 days from today, October 22, 2021. After this time, VNDC Wallet stops supporting conversion.
  3. As for the amount of VIDB on other exchanges, the ONUS team and these platforms will update the conversion in the coming days.