Cortex Token (CTXC) is now available on ONUS

From December 5th, we officially list Cortex Token (CTXC) on the ONUS application. After CTXC is added, users can perform the following features:

  • Off-chain transactions: Send and receive CTXC with other users in the ONUS network.
  • Exchange: Swap from VNDC or USDT to CTXC and vice versa.

About Cortex

Cortex Blockchain is an open-source public blockchain that supports the execution of AI algorithms and AI-powered dApps. Cortex provides a platform that enables the integration of machine learning models into smart contracts and dApps.

Cortex also provides a mechanism that incentivizes AI developers to store models on the blockchain. This creates an open ecosystem where individual AI developers, not just big corporations, are incentivized to upload their AI models to the blockchain, and Dapp developers have access to choose from the best AI models in the world, which consequently leads to the evolution of better and better AI models.


What is CTXC token?

CTXC is a native token of the Cortex ecosystem, and can be used to:

  • Pay transaction fee and execute smart contract
  • Reward to AI developers who contribute to the network


  • Name: Cortex Token
  • Symbol: CTXC
  • Platform: Cortex
  • Total Supply:  299,792,458 CTXC