Delist and Refund the purchase of QZA Tokens via ONUS Launchpad

Dear ONUS community,

To ensure the interests of investors, the ONUS team regrets to announce the suspension of the listing, the offering, and a full refund of the purchase of QZA tokens.

During the listing process, ONUS discovered some non-transparent issues in the token sale and distribution of the QZA project. The process encountered an error caused by the project, which was displayed on the Smart Contract, particularly:

  • QZA tokens were unlocked before TGE (4 pm UTC) and sold directly to the market.
  • The exchange rate was not guaranteed when opening the liquidity pool at $0.1536 (x12 compared to the launchpad price).

This directly impacts ONUS users’ interests when it comes to purchasing QZA. As a result, ONUS suspended the listing and will refund ONUS tokens to all users who had previously submitted to buy QZA Tokens. After this announcement, in 1 hour, users can access the Launchpad feature to claim all ONUS committed (all QZA distributed will be recalled).

In any case, ONUS will prioritize the interests of users and investors. This incident is really undesirable for the ONUS development team. We will learn from the experience of appraisal and binding to projects in the following launchpad programs.

Please accept our sincere apologies for your unpleasant experience.

ONUS team.