Earn up to 5,000 ONUS with August Referral Tournament

After a brief hiatus for upgrades, the Referral Tournament for ONUS users has returned with a brand new mechanism and massive opportunities for all users and business partners!

This August, in addition to the 35,000 VNDC referral bonus, business partners and users also have the opportunity to win attractive prizes worth up to 2,500 USDT.

Program rules

  • Form of participation: Individual
  • Ranking: Based on Basic and Advanced KYC User Referral Points
  • Total prize: 5,000 ONUS, equivalent to 2,500 USDT
  • Time: From 05:00 PM UTC August 6th to 05:00 PM UTC August 28th

Scoring mechanism

  • Earn 1 point for every successful referral of a new user who completes basic KYC.
  • Earn 4 points for every successful referral of a new user who completes advanced KYC.


Unlike previous programs that only rewarded the top of the leaderboard, this August Individual Referral Tournament is designed in a completely new way, allowing all players to win prizes.

The 5,000 ONUS reward pool will be scaled based on the scores of eligible players. The higher the player’s score, the more rewards are distributed.

  • To be eligible to join the rewards pool, players need to successfully refer a minimum of 10 new users completing advanced KYC.
  • The maximum reward for one player is 1,000 ONUS.

To participate in the Individual Referral Tournament, users do not need to register; the ONUS system will automatically record the user’s score during the tournament.

The leaderboard is constantly updated at: https://goonus.io/en/onus-referral-tournament-august-2022/.