Enable Credit Line for USDO Finance (USDO)

USDO is a “Special Coin” built on the ONUS Chain ecosystem platform. USDO is held by many investors and is considered a haven asset thanks to its ability to retain its value or even increase in value according to the development of the ONUS Chain ecosystem.

To help investors who own USDO Finance (USDO) optimize capital, from November 18th, ONUS officially enables the Credit Line feature for this asset.

Accordingly, users can create a loan with a limit of up to 80%, disbursed to VNDC based on USDO Finance (USDO) value at the time of loan creation.

Instructions to create a Credit Line loan

  1. On the home screen, select Credit Line in the Features section 
  2. Click Create a new loan
  3. Choose the collateral (Each type of collateral has a different loan limit)
  4. Select the currency you want to disburse
  5. Fill in Loan Information
  • Amount of money you want to borrow: Enter quantity according to demand
  • Interest payment method: Choose 1 of 3 forms of interest payment: Daily (0.067%), Weekly (0.47%), Monthly (2%)
  • The system will automatically display the number of assets to be mortgaged and the current interest rate
  1. Click Create loan and confirm to complete

See notes regarding loan making here.