Enable Exchange feature for DKAI token (DKAI)

Starting on November 9th, ONUS officially implemented the Exchange feature for Diamond KAI Token (DKAI).

Accordingly, besides P2P transactions at a price set by the order creator, users can now purchase DKAI using the Exchange feature. The token’s price is regularly updated every 10 seconds in response to market changes.

About KardiaChain and DKAI token

KardiaChain is a public blockchain platform focused on interoperability and providing hybrid blockchain solutions for enterprises and governments in Vietnam and other South & East Asian countries. The outstanding solution created by KardiaChain is that, through Dual Node, blockchains with protocol differences can be linked together. This brings convenience for businesses and governments in the process of managing and sharing information, helping to optimize the utility of each blockchain while ensuring transparency and security.

DKAI is a token used for redeeming points and receiving benefits in the KAI Diamond Hands program. When owning DKAI, users will receive many privileges in the KardiaChain ecosystem.