Enable Exchange Feature for FNCY

According to the announcement of CUBE, this project will make the redenomination from CUBE (ITAMCUBE) to FNCY (FNCY).

To aid in this transition, ONUS has halted all trading in ITAMCUBE assets, including Exchange, Off-chain Transactions, On-chain Transactions, P2P Transactions and Credit Line. Now, the conversion is complete. The entire amount of ITAMCUBE tokens you store on the ONUS app is automatically converted to FNCY tokens at a ratio of 1:1 (ITAMCUBE = FNCY).

Starting from 12:00 AM UTC on December 2th, ONUS will reopen features for FNCY tokens, including Exchange, and Off-chain Transactions.

On-chain Transactions, P2P Transactions, and Credit Line will be reopened later. ONUS will have a specific announcement.

About FNCY

FNCY (formerly known as ITAM Games) is a blockchain platform born to support blockchain game developers. The FNCY ecosystem provides methods and tools that allow games to be easily integrated with blockchain technology. FNCY develops a platform that uses blockchain technology to provide users with actual ownership of digital assets. The platform includes a store (ITAM Store) where users can access and search all information about mobile games registered on the ITAM Store and conduct transactions of electronic assets on the platform.