Enable Exchange feature for THG and KABA Token

Starting from now, ONUS officially activated the Exchange feature for Thetan Arena Token (THG) and Krip Galaxy Battle Token (KABA).

Accordingly, besides P2P transactions at a price set by the order creator, users can now purchase THG and KABA using the Exchange feature. The token’s price is regularly updated every 10 seconds in response to market changes.

About Thetan Arena and THG token

Thetan Arena is a Play-to-earn e-sport game supported by KardiaChain. Thetan Arena is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that lets users enjoy the game while also earning money by completing missions or events.

THG is the cryptocurrency used in the entire Thetan Arena game platform, used to reward players for completing missions and incentivize users to stake THG to receive rewards. THG is also used to decentralize ownership and governance of Thetan Arena.

About Kripto Galaxy Battle and KABA token

Kripto Galaxy Battle is an NFT gaming platform built on KardiaChain to create a Free-to-play and Play-to-earn ecosystem, helping participants have enjoyable gaming experiences and generate profits.

Kripto Galaxy Battle token (KABA) is a utility token of the Kripto Galaxy Battle ecosystem, operating on the KardiaChain platform according to the KRC20 standard. The KABA token plays a vital role in the Kripto Galaxy Battle platform and is used as a currency to purchase and sell NFTs in the game.