Enable On-chain Deposit for Green Metaverse Token (GMT)

GMT is a token that works in the STEPN ecosystem – today’s most popular Move-2-Earn app that allows players to earn through exercise.

In order to expand trading options for users, starting at March 31, 2022, ONUS will open the On-chain depositing portal via Solana network for Green Metaverse Token (GMT).

Accordingly, users can deposit GMT from other Solana addresses to ONUS for trading. This is also an opportunity for STEPN players to have a quick, safe and convenient liquidity channel.

About STEPN and the GMT token

STEPN is the world’s first Move-2-Earn modeled app. STEPN allows players to both exercise and receive tokens to mint into NFT Sneakers or convert to stablecoins. When participating in STEPN, players can equip sports shoes in the form of NFT, then walk or jog outdoors to earn tokens. Users can rent and trade their NFT sneakers, Shoebox and Gems on Marketplace. STEPN’s goal is to inspire people to live healthy lifestyles, encourage users to exercise daily, and improve their health. GMT is the governance token that works in the STEPN ecosystem. Holders of GMT tokens can:

  • Participate in the governance process and vote on proposals related to the application.
  • Users burn GMT to access in-app features like upgrades, customizations, and mint sneakers.
  • Users who stake GMT for rewards make decisions regarding the distribution of staking rewards.