Enable On-chain transactions and Staking Daily for Solana Token (SOL)

From October 31, 2021, ONUS officially opened On-chain trading portal (Solana network) and enabled Staking Daily feature with a 3%/year bonus for SOL tokens.

Open On-chain for SOL (Solana network)

On-chain transactions allow users to send/receive digital assets between ONUS application and other platforms on the same blockchain network.

Starting on October 31, 2021, ONUS officially opens On-chain transactions through the Solana network for Solana Token (SOL). Accordingly, users can send On-chain SOL from ONUS application to Solana wallet addresses outside the system, and vice versa, receive SOL transfers from other Solana wallets.

Staking rewards for SOL on ONUS

Staking Daily is an overnight incentive feature when customers store tokens with ONUS.

Starting from October 31, 2021, ONUS officially activates the Staking Daily feature for Solana Token (SOL). Accordingly, when storing from 0.1 SOL on ONUS application, users will receive a profit of 3% a year. Interest is paid daily in VNDC, calculated based on customers’ SOL balance as at 0:00 UTC+7 every day.

About Solana and SOL token

Solana is a blockchain platform that supports decentralized applications and smart contracts with high performance. The Solana platform is designed to facilitate the creation of decentralized apps (DApps) to make decentralized finance more accessible on a larger scale. Solana enhances scalability by using the Proof of History consensus method, combined with the blockchain’s underlying Proof of Stake.

SOL is a token that operates on the Solana blockchain. SOL tokens can be used to stake, reward, and pay fees on the network, helping users participate in platform governance activities.