Enable On-chain Transactions for NAO token (ONUS Chain Network)

To help users trade conveniently and expand utility from products in the ONUS Chain ecosystem, Nami and ONUS will conduct the conversion of 15,000,000 NAO from BNB Chain (BEP-20) to ONUS Chain.

The conversion is scheduled as follows:

  • 13:00 UTC on November 16: Close the withdrawal portal with NAO tokens via the BNB chain network, and open the deposit and withdrawal portal with NAO tokens via the ONUS Chain network.
  • 13:00 UTC on November 23: Close the deposit portal with NAO tokens via BNB Chain network.


  • Name: Nami Frame Futures
  • Ticker: NAO
  • Platform: ONUS Chain
  • Smart Contract: 0x07430e1482574389Bc0E5d33CFB65280e881EE8c


  • The conversion does not affect the operation of the NAO token with the Administration Pool and the trading of this token on Nami Exchange and ONUS.
  • The launch of the NAO token liquidity pool on MiaSwap (AMM protocol on the ONUS Chain), if any, will be updated to users in the following announcements.

About ONUS Chain

ONUS Chain is a high-performance, scalable, EVM-compatible blockchain platform built on the BNB Application Sidechain (BAS). ONUS Chain has a friendly interface accessible to all developers and users at a low cost.

In particular, with solid support from ONUS through a community of more than 2.5 million users and RICE Wallet with more than 1 million wallet addresses, ONUS Chain possesses a reliable launch platform to popularize to mass users right from the moment initial. ONUS Chain also received support from numerous development teams to convert and run their projects on the ONUS Chain Mainnet.

About token NAO

Nami Frame Futures (NAO) is the central token of the Nami Frame – Futures project, distributed in the form of Fair-launch and has a special governance mechanism. NAO tokens can be used for the following purposes:

  • NAO holders are entitled to share 20% of profits from transaction fees in proportion to their ownership in the Governance Pool.
  • NAO holders have the right to participate in voting for decisions to unlock tokens as proposed by the project.
  • Users who use NAO as transaction fees will receive a 40% discount on the transaction fee above the base fee of 0.06%, specifically the after-discount fee is 0.036%.