Enable Staking Daily for AVAX and LUNA

To extend users’ opportunities to increase profits when holding AVAX and LUNA, starting from February 27th, ONUS officially enables the Staking Daily feature for these tokens.

As a result, individuals with 0.1 AVAX or 0.1 LUNA on the ONUS application will earn a profit of 3% each year, or 0.008% every day. Interest is paid daily in VNDC, calculated based on users’ AVAX or LUNA balances at 0:00 (UTC+7) each day.

About AVAX

AVAX is the original token of the Avalanche platform, which serves as a payment and reward system for users and implements various tasks within Avalanche’s protocols. It can be used to pay operations fees carried out on Avalanche sub-networks or stake to become Avalanche validators/block creators.

About LUNA

LUNA is a Terra ecosystem native token that allows investors to own, trade, and invest in the project, as well as participate in price stabilization for the TERRA Stablecoin. Terra is a blockchain project that uses the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism to provide a price stabilization solution to the e-commerce industry. Terra’s goal in creating Stablecoins is to take advantage of Cryptocurrency instead of other currencies with Fiat to apply payment activities and daily consumption.