Enable Staking Daily for WINkLink Token (WIN)

To extend users’ opportunities to increase profits when holding WIN, starting from November 23, ONUS officially implemented the Staking Daily feature for WINkLink Token (WIN).

Accordingly, when having from 10,000 WIN on the ONUS application, users will receive a profit of 3% per year, equivalent to 0.008% per day. Interest is paid daily in VNDC, calculated based on users’ WIN balances at 0:00 (UTC+7) each day.

About WINkLink and WIN Token

WINkLink was launched in 2019 as a project working in the field of Oracle, providing data from the real world to the blockchain for DeFi platforms operating inside the Tron ecosystem such as JustSwap, JustLend, or BitTorrent, etc. Specifically, WINkLink will aggregate data from many providers, then aggregate it into the most common data used for the entire network by the Data Aggregation mechanism.

WIN is a utility token operating in the WINkLink platform, used to pay rewards to WinkLink Nodes or data providers and fees for data in the WinkLink network. In addition, WIN holders can also participate in voting and governance on changes to the system.