Enable Staking Feature for USDO

USDO is a “Special Coin” built on the ONUS Chain ecosystem platform. USDO is chosen by many investors to hold and is considered a haven thanks to its ability to keep a stable price and increase in value according to the development of the ONUS Chain ecosystem.

To help investors holding USDO Finance (USDO) have the opportunity to earn passive profits, starting from December 7th, 2022, ONUS officially opened the Staking Daily feature for this asset.

Accordingly, when storing from 50 USDO on the ONUS application, users will receive a profit of 6.2 %/year. Interest is paid daily in VNDC, calculated according to the customer’s USDO balance before 00:00 daily.

So from now on, users can use the following features with USDO:

  • Staking Daily: Get passive daily interest at the rate of 6.2 %/year.
  • P2P Trading: Buy/sell/match USDO orders with other users on the ONUS app
  • On-chain Transactions: Send/Receive USDO to other addresses according to the ONUS Chain network.
  • Credit Line: Mortgage USDO to receive a loan with a limit of 80%.

About USDO

USDO is a unique project with increasing value following the development of the ONUS Chain ecosystem, with the orientation of becoming “Better than stablecoins.”

USDO brings users a lot of potential in accumulating assets, promising to become one of the products that bring many opportunities for users of the ONUS Chain ecosystem.