Basic Guide: Exchange from $100, Get Free Crypto

Accompanying the community on the path of digital asset investment, ONUS will regularly expand more products and features to help bring real value to investors when trading with ONUS.

Starting from today, November 19, 2021, ONUS launches a Free Crypto reward program for all users when trading at ONUS. Accordingly, you not only increase your assets, but you also have the opportunity to learn more about new Crypto types that are not yet in your portfolio.

Specifically, when swapping any tokens at the Exchange feature with a volume of 2 million VNDC or 100 USDT, users will receive one gift opening with a 100% chance of getting Free Crypto. This event applies to all ONUS users and does not limit the number of rewards.

Step-by-step Guide

Select the token you want to swap in the Exchange feature. The minimum volume to be counted is:

  • 2,000,000 VNDC (if you use VNDC as the base currency), or
  • 100 USDT (if you use USDT as the base currency)

The screen says Free Crypto. Click “Open now” to receive your gifts!

Wish you have a pleasant investment experience with ONUS!