Foxy (FOXY) gets listed on ONUS

Starting from 08:00 UTC on April 12, we officially list Foxy (FOXY) on the ONUS application. Soon after FOXY is added, users can perform the following features:

  • Off-chain transactions: Send and receive FOXY with other users in the ONUS network.
  • Trade: Swap from VNDC or USDT to FOXY and vice versa.

Trade Foxy (FOXY) on ONUS:

About Foxy

FOXY is a memecoin backed by Linea, a groundbreaking project developed by ConsenSys that addresses Ethereum’s scalability challenges. 

With Linea, ConsenSys seeks to unlock the full potential of DApps by tackling the limitations of the Ethereum mainnet. Linea’s architecture revolves around its zkEVM (Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine) rollup network, combining the power of zero-knowledge proofs with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility. This allows Linea to operate on par with the EVM.

Foxy is a cute mascot and the first memecoin-culture coin hybrid of the Linea ecosystem. It was created to reward the Linea community and foster meme culture within the ecosystem, aiming to build a vibrant and cohesive community.

What is FOXY?

FOXY is a native coin of the Foxy ecosystem, operating on Linea according to ERC20 standard, and can be used to: 

  • Reward users through airdrops.
  • Promote meme culture within the Linea community.


  • Name: Foxy
  • Symbol: FOXY
  • Platform: Linea
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Smart Contract Address: 0x5FBDF89403270a1846F5ae7D113A989F850d1566
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 FOXY