Fundgo joins in a strategic investment round in the ONUS ecosystem

Intending to expand the ONUS and ONUS Chain ecosystems, today – December 20th, Fundgo has officially participated in ONUS’s strategic funding round. Thereby, Fundgo fund will be an extension arm to help investors and startups in Vietnam easily access ONUS Chain products, ONUS Coin and the entire ONUS ecosystem.

“With this combination, Vietnamese investors can participate in the ONUS ecosystem through the sponsorship and support from the innovative startup investment fund Fundgo.” – Fundgo representative shared.

Introduction to the ONUS ecosystem: A combination of centralized and decentralized

ONUS is a diversified financial ecosystem, combining centralized and decentralized with key products, including:

Centralized products:

  • ONUS App

An investment platform that currently supports trading 600+ popular digital assets, with active and passive profit-enhancing features with more than 3 million users.

ONUS application users receive many benefits when holding ONUS Coin: Sharing product profits and management rights, contributing opinions to ONUS decisions through ONUS Shares; VIP upgrade; Business Partner Upgrade. In the near future, users can also use ONUS to buy and sell other digital assets.

  • ONUS Pro Exchange:

Professional exchange with low transaction fees and outstanding transaction speed. ONUS Pro provides traders with multiple ways to enter the market through crypto derivatives and various order modes.

When the ONUS Pro exchange is launched in the near future, ONUS Coin will be used to pay transaction fees.

Decentralized products:

  • ONUS Chain ecosystem

ONUS Chain is a high-performance, scalable, EVM-compatible blockchain platform built on the BNB Application Sidechain (BAS). ONUS Chain has a friendly interface accessible to all developers and users at a low cost.

In particular, with strong support from ONUS, with a community of more than 2.5 million users and RICE Wallet with more than 1 million wallet addresses, ONUS Chain possesses a solid launch platform to popularize to mass users right from the moment initial. ONUS Chain also received support from many development teams to convert and run their projects on the ONUS Chain mainnet.

With Fundgo participating in a strategic investment round, the ONUS ecosystem will open up opportunities for future development, bringing diverse products and complete user experiences.

About Fundgo

Fundgo is the first Innovative Startup Investment Fund in the Mekong Delta with the mission of incubating and long-term investment in innovative and innovative small and medium-sized start-up projects.

With a committed investment capital of up to 150 million USD and an associated network of more than 30 domestic and foreign investment funds, Fundgo possesses large financial resources and the ability to connect with leading units in each field, helping businesses and projects quickly expand the market. The Foundation also has a close cooperation relationship with major agencies, departments, agencies and training institutions in the region and across the country.

Fundgo fund information: