FutureSwap Feature Segregation

To prepare for the launch and integration of ONUS Pro products on ONUS application, from November 28, ONUS and Attlas Exchange will stop integrating FutureSwap products (both Lite and Pro versions) on ONUS.

Investors should carefully read the following timelines to have the plan to close their positions and withdraw assets before the feature closes:

From 17:00 on November 24: Stop allowing deposit of assets and open new positions. 

From 17:00 on November 27: FutureSwap officially stops integrating on ONUS application:

  • All open positions will be closed automatically 
  • The remaining balance of the user’s assets will automatically be transferred to the main wallet. 
  • All user experience gifts (which are currently locked) will be revoked.
  • Users please close all positions to withdraw assets from FutureSwap feature before 0:00 on November 27; After this time, users cannot withdraw the assets. 

Users can still trade FutureSwap at Attlas exchange.

In addition, users can trade futures contracts on the ONUS app through the ONUS Futures feature (integrated with Nami partner).