FutureSwap Pro: 5 USDT Revoke Policy

On August 4, 2022, ONUS cooperated with Atlas Exchange to launch the program: Get free 5 USDT to explore FutureSwap Pro. As previously announced, users can only revoke their full balance when the trading volume reaches 4,000 USDT. As such, Attlas and Onus will conduct revoke policy for users who participate in the program but have not reached a trading volume of 4,000 USDT. Specifically:

  • From September 5, at 24:00 every Sunday, the system will scan and revoke 5 USDT issued and locked profit if the user does not generate at least 01 open order and 01 closed order in that week.
  • The system only revokes 5 USDT issued with locked profit if any (profit up to the time when users first deposit into the wallet). If the users trades at a loss from the part granted for experience, the system will revoke the rest, not the part of the user’s money added to the wallet.

Please keep this in mind when managing assets and trading on FutureSwap Pro.