Get free 5 USDT to explore Futures Trading

In order to encourage people to trade Futures using USDT base currency, ONUS will cooperate with Nami to launch a program: Free 5 USDT for users to experience USDT Futures.

The program starts at 3:00 UTC July 28, 2022, applying to investors who have accessed ONUS Futures before 17:00 UTC July 27, 2022. Users can withdraw the full balance when the trading volume reaches 5,000 USDT.

What can you do with 5 USDT?

Unlike other trading features that require a significant amount of capital, with ONUS Futures, you only need to start with 5 USDT to be able to fully use all functions and be profitable many times, thanks to your strength of leverage.

Currently, the Futures feature is supporting leverage from 1x to 125x, depending on the asset pair. For example, with a margin of 5 USDT, you can trade with the following volume:


10x 50 USDT
20x 100 USDT
50x 200 USDT

625 USDT

*Formula: Margin = Volume / Leverage

Thus, with 5 USDT, users can invest in Futures with a volume of up to 625 USDT. Users can also split capital into multiple orders for a diverse investment experience.

Wish you effective investment with ONUS Futures!