Give away vONUS for 10,000 ONUS customers

In order to help customers experience profit sharing with ONUS Shares, ONUS gives away vONUS for 10,000 special customers.

Specifically, from 09:00 UTC on March 27, 10,000 selected customers accessing the ONUS Shares feature will receive a reward notice of 20 vONUS to participate in profit sharing from ONUS. The 20 vONUS reward is deposited directly into the 365-day pool, equivalent to 210,000 VNDC).


  • Please update the ONUS application to version 5.1.6 to experience the feature
  • The 20 vONUS reward can only be used to experience profit sharing and cannot be withdrawn.

With the vONUS reward received, users will officially become a member of ONUS Shares and experience all the benefits of ONUS Shares, including:

1. Receive profit sharing

ONUS shares 25% of the total platform’s profits to ONUS Shares’s members, including:

  • 25% trading fee profit from ONUS Pro
  • 25% trading fee profit from the Trade feature
  • 25% transaction fee profit from the P2P feature

Refer to the actual APY of ONUS Shares recent cycles:

2. Governance rights

ONUS Shares members receive voting rights for important ONUS events through ONUS Voting.

3. Increase purchasing power of potential assets through Launchpad events

In addition to default buying rights, Launchpad programs at ONUS allow ONUS Shares members to increase their maximum buying rights calculated according to the number of vONUS points they own.

About vONUS and ONUS Shares

ONUS Shares v4.0 is a feature that brings maximum benefits to ONUS investors while contributing to a sustainable business model and increasing ONUS Coin’s value.

vONUS is the score to determine user benefits in the ONUS Shares Governance Pool. Users need to deposit ONUS into Pools to receive vONUS points. Each pool has a different vONUS reward rate, rewards increase according to pool’s period:

  • Pool 30 days: Deposit 1000 ONUS, get 500 vONUS.
  • Pool 90 days: Deposit 1000 ONUS, get 800 vONUS
  • Pool 180 days: Deposit 1000 ONUS, get 900 vONUS
  • Pool 365 days: Deposit 1000 ONUS, get 1,000 vONUS
  • Pool 730 days: Deposit 1000 ONUS, get 1,200 vONUS
  • Pool 1460 days: Deposit 1000 ONUS, get 1,400 vONUS

Each governance cycle occurs in 14 days. Every day, the system will use 25% of profits to automatically buyback ONUS Coin. At the end of the cycle, the amount of ONUS bought back will be distributed as follows:

  • 15% of the ONUS quantity after BuyBack will be burned at the end of the cycle.
  • 75% of the ONUS quantity will be shared among investors at the end of the cycle based on the vONUS ownership ratio.
  • 10% of the ONUS quantity will be rewarded to partners at the end of the cycle.