HanaGold Token (HNG) Trading Suspended

According to the announcement from the project team, HanaGold will re-mint 30,000,000 HNG tokens on the BNB Smart Chain network and, at the same time, open for sale 2,000,000 HNG on Fam Central.

To support this plan, ONUS would like to announce the suspension of some features for HNG assets, specifically:

  • Starting from 0:00 AM UTC+7, July 2nd, 2022, ONUS will suspend the Exchange feature for HNG tokens and plan to reopen on July 6, 2022. Users can continue to trade HNG through the P2P Trading feature.
  • From 0:00 AM UTC+7, July 2nd, 2022, ONUS will close the On-chain HNG Receive port on ONUS via KRC20. Users who wish to transfer On-chain HNG to ONUS, please do before July 2nd.

The reopening of the On-chain Receive port for HNG assets will be announced in detail by the team in the near future.

For information related to the benefits of holding HNG and project updates, please contact HNG’s community support team directly with the information below: