How to buy ONUS VIP Membership NFT

ONUS VIP Membership NFT helps identify VIP users at ONUS DeFi. When owning ONUS VIP Membership NFT, users will have privileges such as priority participation in ONUS Launchpad (IDO), Private Sale Pool, Airdrop Pool and other privileges.

To own an ONUS VIP Membership NFT, users need to burn 1000 ONUS tokens through the ONUS DeFi platform.


  • Each DeFi wallet is allowed to buy only 01 ONUS VIP Membership NFT.
  • Total amount is 1000 NFT fixed, cannot mint (create) more.

Detailed instructions

Step 1: Send ONUS tokens to your DeFi wallet (Rice Wallet, MetaMask,…)

  • Open the RICE Wallet app. Copy your BEP20 wallet address.
  • Open the ONUS app. At the main screen, select ONUS.
  • Click Send. Select Send On-chain via BEP20 network
  • Enter the amount you want to send. To buy NFT, you need 1000 ONUS.
  • Paste your BEP20 address as the receiving address.
  • Confirm the information and click “Send”
  • Enter the required confirmation code. Click “Send” to complete.

Step 2: Buy ONUS VIP Membership NFT

The example below shows you how to buy NFT through RICE Wallet

  • Open the RICE Wallet app. Select DApps.
  • Select the displayed ONUS DeFi app, or enter the address:
  • Click “Connect Wallet”. Select “RICE Wallet”
  • In the Options window, select NFTs
  • Press Approve ONUS to buy NFT
  • Click “Claim” to get NFT to your wallet.