How to connect your wallet to ONUS DeFi

Currently, ONUS DeFi can connect with RICE Wallet, Metamask, Trust Wallet, Binance Chain, SafePal,… and many other decentralized wallets through WalletConnect. This will help investors more convenient in transactions and fully experience all features on ONUS DeFi.

Below are detailed steps to help you connect your Decentralized wallet to ONUS DeFi.

Detailed instructions

The guide below shows how to connect RICE Wallet to ONUS DeFi. You can do the same with other DeFi wallets. Download the RICE Wallet app at:

Step 1: Open the RICE Wallet application. At the top left corner of the screen, select the BNB Smart Chain network. 

Step 2: Connect RICE Wallet to ONUS DeFi

  • Choose the DApps.
  • Select the displayed ONUS DeFi app, or enter the address: 
  • Click “Connect Wallet”. Select “RICE Wallet”.

Now you have successfully connected RICE Wallet to ONUS DeFi. You can use all features of ONUS DeFi, such as ONUS Dex, Farming & Pooling, Launchpad, and Airdrop,… through the RICE Wallet.