Basic Guide: How to utilize My Partner feature – For ONUS Partners

The My Partner feature is designed to make it easier for ONUS Partners and users to connect with each other. Accordingly, ONUS Partners will be more convenient in community development and user support. On the other hand, ONUS users can easily access the Partner’s group to participate in discussions, update information, and quickly get help when needed.

This article will give ONUS Partners some helpful hints to get the most out of the My Partner feature.

My Partner Interface

It can be said that the main interface of the My Partner feature is the first “touchpoint” when users want to contact their partners. Therefore, ONUS encourages our Partners to fully update their contact information on this page.

Specifically, at the main interface of the My Partner feature, please update the link to your Facebook, Zalo, and Telegram channels.

Through that, when the referred person clicks on icons, they will be directed to the correct contact page of the Partner, avoiding cases of fraud and counterfeiting of partners. You can update this information at “My Profile” on the ONUS application.

Update Partner Profile

Tap the profile picture icon in the upper left corner on the main screen to access “Settings”.

In the “My Profile” section, enter your contact information, including:

  1. Facebook: Enter the link to your profile or username.
  2. Zalo: Enter your phone number or the link to your Zalo address.
  3. Telegram: Enter your username or link to your personal Telegram.

Note: ONUS encourages Partners to update their group/community channel instead of leaving personal contact information.