Introduce ONUS Branding – The identity of ONUS

With the desire to help customers better understand the vision, mission as well as a brand story that ONUS wants to convey, today, ONUS introduces the Branding page and the official Corporate Identity Program. This is also the guideline for the development team to bring consistency in the product, contribute to brand positioning, and help ONUS be easily recognized in the community.

ONUS’ brand identity deeply embodies the 3 personalities are Trustworthy – Smart –  Sociable, through 9 core elements:

  • Logo: One of the essential assets representing ONUS’ beliefs, values, and reason for existence.
  • Slogan: A concise verbal expression of ONUS’ mission and philosophy.
  • Typeface: Brand typeface meets the needs of everyday use and reflects the spirit of the brand.
  • Key Visual: The layout and principle of using identity elements to maintain a consistent brand image in media.
  • Iconography: A careful iconography system based on a consistent design language.
  • Color: The palette represents ONUS’ steadfast and sustainable yet modern, aspirational and innovative.
  • The tone of voice: How ONUS talks and shares information with people around him.
  • Illustration: Illustration is our simple way of visualization of complicated crypto concepts.
  • Photography: ONUS’ photography reveals how we see, feel, and share with the world around us. 

With all that is conveyed in the Corporate Identity Program, it can be seen that ONUS will not be just an investment platform but strive to be an Open Nation for Universal Success.

Currently, users and partners can access or download ONUS’ brand identity on the ONUS Branding.

Enter ONUS Branding  at: