Introducing Auto Invest Feature

After a period of research and development, we are pleased to announce: Officially launching the Auto Invest feature – An indispensable companion for investors!

**Users please update the application to version 2.2.4 (147) (for iOS) or version 2.2.3 (Android) to experience the application.

What is Auto Invest?

Auto Invest is a feature that allows users to pre-set a plan to invest in a digital asset and the system will automatically execute. This feature helps users to accumulate digital assets regularly in the long-term, applicable to all digital assets on ONUS application.

Example: You want to invest 100,000 VNDC every day in Bitcoin (BTC) for long-term accumulation and cost stabilization. Instead of manually investing every day as usual, now Auto Invest will help you buy BTC daily/weekly/monthly at a time of your choosing with your set budget.

Why Auto Invest?

How to use

Step 1: At the main screen, scroll down to the Features section and select “Auto Invest”

Step 2: Choose the asset you want to periodically invest in

Step 3: Set up your investing plan:

  • Investment amount per period
  • Period: Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Time: The exact time the system automatically executes the transaction.

Step 4: Click “Save” to complete. 

How it works:

  • The system will automatically invest via your plan; Stop investing if there is not enough VNDC balance at the due date.
  • The system performs a token purchase transaction at the Exchange rate set at the time set. Average cost and profit/loss will be updated for your easy tracking.
  • Users can participate in Automatic investment of many digital assets at the same time.
  • Users can Stop/Restarted/Edit Investment Plans at any time.