Introducing Crypto For Life: Crypto Fundraising Platform for Charity Projects

Crypto For Life is a Crypto fundraising platform for charity projects, which is sponsored by the ONUS Foundation and FUNDGO to connect the power of the community, support and contribute to spreading good values for society.

From November 14, 2023, Crypto For Life officially restarts with its first campaign: Joining hands to give away 2 Dream Libraries to students in Lao Cai.

ONUS and FUNDGO are launching this campaign to encourage the local community to help and support students in Lao Cai. Through the Crypto For Life donation channel, the Dream Library Project aims to donate 200,000,000 VND. With this donation, two libraries for elementary school students in remote areas of Lao Cai province could be constructed, providing 2,000 books and giving 900 kids in underprivileged areas access to books – an endless source of creativity.

How to donate

Method 1: Send Off-chain to Crypto For Life account

  • Choose the type of cryptocurrency you want to donate: VNDC or USDT
  • Select Send Off-chain
  • Enter the receiving address: 6277729709601890206
  • Confirm the transaction and select Send

Method 2: Send On-chain to the Crypto For Life platform wallet

  • In your blockchain wallet, choose the cryptocurrency you want to donate: VNDC or USDT
  • Select Send On-chain. Select the ONUS Chain network
  • Enter the receiving wallet address: 0x879762Ff7d09C2f32272E96662196eCEB7726215
  • Confirm the transaction and complete

Users can also scan the QR code to donate, get the QR code at