Introducing: New ONUS Fee Structure

The team would like to publish the official ONUS Transaction Fee Structure, which publicly outlines ONUS’s fees for each feature. This Fee Structure is applied from 5:00 PM UTC on December 12, 2021, throughout the ONUS application.

The main contents of the ONUS Fee Structure:

  • Minimum On-chain deposit volume for each network.
  • Direct VNDC selling fee
  • On-Chain transaction fee (free Receive, Sending fee according to blockchain network gas fee).
  • Credit Line (loan interest and disbursement currency).
  • P2P transaction (Fee Structure for each VIP level and benefits for ONUS Shares members).

For users who join ONUS Shares

Users staking from 100 ONUS to ONUS Shares will be free when creating P2P buy/sell orders and apply fees according to the Fee Structure when matching P2P orders placed by others.

For details, please enter ONUS Fee Structure.