Introducing ONUS Launcher – Launchpad Investment Fund for Blockchain Projects

Today, December 22, 2021, ONUS officially launched the ONUS Launcher – a venture capital fund with 20 million USD for investing in blockchain startups in Vietnam.

ONUS Launcher was founded and operated by ONUS team with the goal of supporting startup projects, especially startups in the field of Crypto, Blockchain in Vietnam. ONUS Launcher will invest and directly support startups at all stages of development including: Angel Round, Seed Round, Private Sales, Series A, Series B.

With a community of nearly 2 million users, when accompanying ONUS, startups will receive more specific support than just capital. Consists of:

  • Support to deploy fundraising via IDO/Launchpad and Listing on ONUS.
  • Support to connect investment funds & partners.
  • Tokenomics Consulting.
  • Consulting on marketing & communication strategies.
  • Community building support.
  • Technology support.

See details and register to receive support from ONUS Launcher Investment Fund at: