Introducing ONUS Protection Fund – Your Safety, Our Responsibility

ONUS understands that asset security is a major concern for everyone when using a financial application. With a constant effort to create a safe, reliable, and transparent digital financial ecosystem for everyone, today, November 10, 2021, ONUS officially launched: ONUS Protection Fund – A protection fund worth 5 million USD for your assets on ONUS app.

ONUS Protection Fund is backed and run by Miin, a well-known technology insurance company that raised $500,000 in the Shark Tank Vietnam season (2020) and provides over 680,000 insurance packages to more than 110,000 consumers.

Accordingly, since the launch of ONUS Protection Fund, all digital assets of users listed and circulated within ONUS are protected. ONUS is committed to compensating 100% of the lost asset value if it is determined that the fault originates from ONUS.

The following elements are explicitly stated in the ONUS Protection Fund:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Compensation policy
  • How to claim compensation and support
  • Publicize the Smart Contract address of ONUS Protection Fund so that everyone may track the Fund’s transactions.

Furthermore, ONUS always orients product development towards assisting users in limiting their risks when joining the cryptocurrency market.

Details about ONUS Protection Fund at: