ITAM Withdrawal Maintenance for Conversion to ITAM CUBE

According to the rebranding plan of ITAM Games, this project will make the conversion from ITAM token to ITAM CUBE token at a ratio of 1:1.

To carry out this process, ONUS will temporarily close On-chain sending transactions for ITAM starting at 3:30 UTC 07/01/2022. Other features for the ITAM token are still working properly. On-chain sending transactions will be reopened as soon as the transition is complete.

About ITAM Games and ITAM token

ITAM Games is a blockchain platform born to support blockchain game developers. The ITAM Games ecosystem provides methods and tools that allow games to be easily integrated with blockchain technology. ITAM is an operating token in the ITAM Games platform, used for exchange, purchase and sale in ITAM Store and ITAM NFTs; pay fees for services provided by ITAM; mediate other trading activities (leasing, staking, etc.).