Launching ONUS Membership: An incentive store for ONUS users

In addition to providing professional values in accumulation and investment, the ONUS team is constantly focused on increasing users’ benefits, aiming to make ONUS an indispensable part of people’s daily lives.

In that spirit, ONUS has coordinated with W3W to build the ONUS Membership system, offering a series of incentives for members when using essential products, services, and utilities from W3W, our partner ecosystem, including restaurants, food, cafe, wine, spa, fashion, online shopping,… In addition, many large and small events and campaigns will also be planned to be organized exclusively for ONUS Membership.

From 17:00 on November 22, 2023, users accessing the Membership feature will receive a membership card and be able to use the program’s incentives.

*Please update the ONUS app to version 5.0.1 to experience the feature.

How to access Membership

  • On the home screen, scroll down applications and select “More”.
  • Select “Membership”. 
  • Here, you will see your Membership Card. Offers will also be continuously updated here.

How to use incentives

1. Choose incentives

Choose the incentives suitable for you, displayed in the “Promo” section. Carefully read the instructions, time and location.

2. Apply for promotions at the store

Go to the store to apply for the promotion and identify it through the purple Information Board “W3W – TOKENIZED RWA WALLET”.

3. Use QR Code

Open the promotion you chose to get the corresponding QR code. Have the staff scan the QR code to apply.