Launching the FUNDGO FundCert investment feature on the ONUS application

In order to introduce more potential investment channels to the community, ONUS has collaborated with Trustpay Fund Management Company and FUNDGO Creative Startup Investment Fund to launch a feature that allows ONUS investors to own FUNDGO Startup and Innovation Fund Certificate on the ONUS application (FUNDGO FundCert).

With this feature, users can conveniently access, invest in, and manage FUNDGO Creative Startup Investment Fund Certificates by buying/selling FundCert and participating in investments with returns of up to 9.2%.

How to purchase FUNDGO Fund Certificates on ONUS

Step 1: On the main screen, scroll down to the “Features” section and select “More”

Step 2: Open the FUNDGO feature.

Step 3: Here, you can buy/sell FUNDGO Fund Certificates. The fixed price is 1 FundCert = 10,000 VND.

How to stake FUNDGO FundCerts to earn up to 9.2% Interest

Having owned FUNDGO FundCerts, investors can deposit them to earn interest with 2 terms:

  • 3-month term: Interest rate of 8% per year
  • 6-month term: Interest rate of 9.2%

About FUNDGO Fund Certificates

What is FUNDGO Fund Certificate?

FUNDGO Creative Startup Investment Fund Certificate is a document that confirms the ownership rights of the fund’s capital contributions or the number of fund units for each investor’s capital contribution, issued by the Investor’s Meeting in accordance with the Fund’s Charter and related legal regulations.

FUNDGO Fund Certificate is equivalent to an investment in the Fund, generating daily profits, safe, and easily transferable rights when needed for attractive interest rates for each holding period for the Fund’s investors.

Which company is currently managing the Fund?

FUNDGO Fund is managed by Trustpay. With the establishment of the investment fund, Trustpay fund management company must comply with very strict state regulations, so investors do not need to worry about their money being used for unclear purposes.

Who is the entity that authenticates FUNDGO Fund Certificate?

FUNDGO’s fund certificates are authenticated by TSS, which is evidence of the professionalism and credibility of the Management Board and the Fund’s team.

Find out more about FUNDGO Fund Cerrtificates at: