Listing Dark Land Survival (BIG), Airdrop 150,000 BIG

On April 12, ONUS will officially list BIG, the token operating in the Dark Land Survival project – an attractive and potential Play-to-Earn game product that ONUS wants to introduce to the community.

Also, ONUS will coordinate with Big Cat group – Dark Land Survival founding team – to organize Airdrop and AMA (Ask Me Anything) to give investors a chance to directly interact with the game development team, ask questions and get answers to all questions related to games and tokens.

  • 7:00 UTC April 10 to 7:00 UTC April 11: Airdrop 150,000 BIG for the first 15,000 users who log into ONUS application (Each person receives 10 BIG).
  • 13:00 UTC April 11: AMA answers community questions about Dark Land Survival and BIG tokens.
  • 4:00 UTC April 12: Listing Dark Land Survival (BIG) on ONUS app. Simultaneously enable Exchange with BIG/USDT pair, open On-chain (BEP20) and Off-chain transactions at the same time.

About Dark Land Survival

Dark Land Survival is an NFT Idle Zombie Defense Game powered by Blockchain. The game is built with the trending Play-to-Earn mechanism, using rich content and invested storyline.

The game is set in the 23rd century, with two main groups of characters: The zombies and the scavengers, who are the group of people who learn to confront the zombies, protect themselves from danger and try to survive in the zombie apocalypse universe of “Dark Land Survival”. The game offers a superior gameplay experience with various modes and features such as PvE campaign, PvP dungeon, raid mode, construction mode, landlord, etc. They all encourage players to keep playing and exploring.

Dark Land Survival was founded by BigCat Studio – a group of veteran experts with many years of experience in the game industry.


About token BIG

Dark Land Survival (BIG) is the governance token that operates in the Dark Land Survival game ecosystem. BIG runs on the BNB Smart Chain platform according to BEP20 standards and is used for the following purposes:

  • Staking BIG to receive rewards.
  • Upgrade character, upgrade weapons.
  • Buy, sell and trade NFTs.


  • Name: Big Cat token
  • Ticker: BIG
  • Platform: BNB Chain
  • Standard: BEP20
  • Smart contract: 0x6fdda284250795dfbab53955da78de4b6f72c4f9
  • Total Supply: 400,000,000 BIG
  • Type: Governance Token