Listing Jito (JTO) on ONUS App

Starting from 09:00 UTC today, December 8, 2023, Jito (JTO) will be officially listed on the ONUS app. As soon as the JTO is listed, you can implement the following features with this asset: 

  • Off-chain transactions: Send and receive JTO with other users in the ONUS network.
  • Trade: Swap from VNDC or USDT to JTO and vice versa.

About Jito (JTO)

Jito is a liquid staking protocol that allows users to stake SOL and receive liquid staking tokens JITOSOL for a variety of use cases to maximize profits. In particular, Jito integrates rewards from MEV to support users to enjoy more optimal profits than conventional solutions.

Currently, Jito is the only liquid staking protocol that provides users with liquid staking tokens and MEV rewards. With JITOSOL, users can earn more profit when performing lending, yield farming on many other DeFi platforms in the Solana ecosystem. 


What is JTO token?

JTO token is the governance token of the Jito project. JTOs make it possible for token holders to participate in making important decisions for the network, including setting fees, defining fiduciary strategies, and managing project treasury. The JTO token provides power to the community in shaping Jito’s policies and development direction.


  • Name: Jito Token
  • Symbol: JTO
  • Platform: Solana
  • Standard: SPL
  • Smart Contract Address: jtojtomepa8beP8AuQc6eXt5FriJwfFMwQx2v2f9mCL