Listing Solcial (SLCL), Airdrop 5000 SLCL

In order to introduce to the investor community a decentralized product with an interesting model and highly appreciated development potential, ONUS will list Solcial (SLCL) with the following plan:

  • 7:00 UTC April 16: Airdrop 5,000 SLCL for the first 5,000 users who log into ONUS application.
  • 7:00 UTC April 17: Open the On-chain Deposit for SLCL (Solana network)
  • 7:00 UTC April 18: Open Exchange for SLCL, using base currency VNDC and USDT
  • 7:00 UTC April 19: Open the On-chain Withdraw for SLCL (Solana network)

About Solcial is a decentralized social network running on the Solana blockchain. Solcial promotes freedom of expression by allowing users to interact and share content completely freely without fear of bans or censorship. Users and content creators can monetize the content they create. All content is hosted on IPFS and is accessed through a P2P layer developed by Solcial that relies on absolutely no servers or censorship portals.

Solcial runs on mobile apps (IOS and Android), desktop apps and even websites under the invest-for-subscription model. Specifically, in order to follow a person on Solcial and view their private content, you need to own their token in order to also become an investor in them. Private content will only be visible to the author’s token holders. Followers will be classified according to the number of tokens they hold, thereby accessing certain tiers of content set by the author.


About token SLCL

SLCL is a token operating on the Solcial social network, operating on the Solana platform according to SPL standards and used for the following purposes:

  • As a governance token, to vote on the DAO for platform decisions
  • As a currency, used for payment when transacting on the platform
  • SLCL holders get a discount on transaction fees


  • Name: Solcial token
  • Ticker: SLCL
  • Platform: Solana
  • Standard: SPL
  • Smart Contract: slcLww7nc1PD2gQPQdGayHviVVcpMthnqUz2iWKhNQV
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 SLCL