LTD Maintenance for Smart Contract Conversion

As planned, the LiveTrade project will convert the new Smart Contract to the LiveTrade Token (LTD). To assist with the transition, ONUS will suspend all transactions for LTD tokens, including Off-chain transactions, On-chain transactions, Exchange, P2P transactions.

Maintenance time: From 13:00 UTC February 24, 2022 to 13:00 UTC February 25, 2022.

After the maintenance is completed, all features for LiveTrade token (LTD) will be reopened, however ONUS will stop supporting On-chain trading gateway for LTD over KardiaChain network. Customers can still trade On-chain LTD through the Binance Smart Chain network.


  • During the maintenance period, please do not send LTD to ONUS app.
  • After the maintenance, the entire amount of LTD circulating on the ONUS app will be LTD tokens under the new smart contract. ONUS stops supporting LTD under old smart contract. Customers need to pay attention when trading On-chain.
  • Any case of transferring On-chain LTD to ONUS during the maintenance period (both KRC20 and BEP20 networks) or mistakenly transferring LTD under the old smart contract to ONUS will not be recorded. Please contact LiveTrade via email [email protected] for processing support.