Maintain listing CEL on the ONUS app

As previously announced, ONUS will delist Celsius (CEL) as liquidity partner Binance stops opening trading for this asset.

However, the team has been actively seeking alternative liquidity sources to assist clients in continuing to trade Celsius (CEL). Accordingly, ONUS will maintain trading for Celsius (CEL) from 09:00 AM UTC on June, 5th, 2023:

  • Off-chain transactions
  • Swap to base currency VNDC or USDT

About Celsius (CEL)

Celsius (CEL) is a cryptocurrency-based decentralized personal lending platform. Celsius, launched in June 2018, offers rewards for crypto investments, loaning services, and wallet transactions. 

Alex Mashinsky and Daniel Leon teamed up to create Celsius. While Mashinsky has 35 patents and a long history of working in Internet development on Voice over IP – the technology for transmitting human voices over computer networks – Daniel Leon has experience developing early-stage startups. Celsius was founded by two co-founders with prior knowledge and governance experience, and it promises to be a leading decentralized lending project in the future.