MEXC Announcement: Voting for Listing ONUS

ONUS token has been listed on MEXC Kickstarter – a platform that allows MEXC users to make deposits to vote on token listings.

Today, December 17, 2021, at 19:00, MEXC Exchange announced the start of its voting event for the ONUS token. If the necessary Voting rate is reached, the ONUS token will be officially listed on MEXC, where investors will be able to trade it.

Time of voting: 9:30 a.m to 5:50 p.m on December 19, 2021

Voting information: 

About MEXC

MEXC is one of the largest centralized digital asset exchanges in the world. MEXC was created by a group of prominent Wall Street executives, as well as Blockchain technology professionals from Japan and Europe. MEXC is equipped with numerous features: Spot trading, margin trading, derivatives, over-the-counter (OTC), financial products, and smart contracts are all available. MEXC also provides Blockchain asset circulation services to boost security and provide its users with a more intelligent and convenient platform.

MEXC is now placed 21st on the list of exchanges with the most weekly visitors worldwide, with 1,138,846 weekly visits (according to Coinmarketcap).

About MEXC Kickstarter

“Kickstarter” refers to the activity that occurs prior to MEXC listing a project. Each project must enter a voting phase in which people can determine whether to list it or not. MEXC Global will delist the project tokens and unlock all participating tokens if the voting does not meet the established targets.