NFTY Network Token (NFTY) is now available on ONUS

From April 16th, we officially list NFTY Network Token (NFTY) on the ONUS application with the following schedule:

  • 05:00 AM UTC, April 16th: Open Off-chain transactions and On-chain transactions (BEP20). 
  • 12:00 AM UTC, April 16th: Open P2P Trading feature allows users to buy and sell NFTY at a price offered by other users, or create their own order.

About NFTY Network

NFTY Network is a Web3 authentication layer that uses NFT or fungible assets as a means for users to authenticate their identity and register for an alternative to the current traditional login form. If so far, to log in to websites and platforms on the internet, users need to provide a large amount of personal information such as full name, phone number, date of birth,.. make it more likely to expose individuals data, then now the solution that NFTY Network brings can solve those problems. NFTY takes advantage of the unique characteristics of NFT, combined with modern blockchain technology to provide safe, secure, decentralized identity authentication solutions while still saving costs for users, creators, businesses,…

Core products of NFTY Network:

  • NFTY Launch: A Launchpad platform that helps connect investors to potential NFT projects. Besides, NFTY also has many outstanding features to support the project implementing marketing strategies, Minting, creating Smart Contracts, and opening Public Sale on Ethereum and BNB Chain platforms.
  • NFTY Labs: As a prominent mainstream product in the NFTY ecosystem, NFT Labs was launched in 2020, leading the way in providing NFT solutions for a wide range of customers, from individual customers to business customers. NFTY Labs applies modern Web3 technology to monitor and secure content… for customers on NFTY Network.
  • NFTY Connect: An authentication layer that helps creators manage and protect their products and content on a single platform. With NFTY Connect, all information, data, links, websites… can be encrypted through Token Gate.
  • NFTY Link: Tool to support the process of using NFT to verify user identity. Customers will no longer need to struggle to store personal data. But instead, this information will be protected thanks to various distributed blockchain networks.


What is NFTY Token?

NFTY is a native token of the NFTY Network ecosystem, operating on Multichain (both Ethereum and BNB Chain), and can be used to: 

  • Pay for various service fees and features in the NFTY Network ecosystem
  • Pay fees for token gate creation and management
  • Participate in the voting process for decisions related to the development of the ecosystem
  • Stake to earn rewards


  • Name: NFTY Network Token
  • Symbol: NFTY
  • Platform: Ethereum, BNB Chain
  • Standard: ERC20, BEP20
  • Type: Utility Token
  • Smart Contract Address:

Ethereum: 0xE1D7C7a4596B038CEd2A84bF65B8647271C53208

BNB Chain: 0x5774b2fc3e91af89f89141eacf76545e74265982