Officially launched ONUS Pro exchange

After 12 months of research and development, the team is pleased to announce: Officially launching ONUS Pro on mainnet on March 23, 2023. ONUS Pro is available in the mobile version (integrated into the ONUS application) and the website version.

ONUS Pro is built by the ONUS team, fully meets the standards of leading derivatives exchange and operates under ONUS exchange license in Lithuania, provided to regulated regions permitted by law.

ONUS Pro products are developed with 04 outstanding advantages:

  • UI/UX strengths: With a user-centered philosophy, ONUS always brings a convenient and stable trading experience to users.
  • High performance: ONUS Pro’s matching engine can process up to 50,000 transactions per second, with a latency of less than 1 second per order. ONUS Pro is built to become the leading exchange in the world in the coming years.
  • Abundant liquidity: ONUS Pro cooperates with suppliers to create abundant liquidity for traders. In the near future, this source of liquidity will continue to be added and expanded.
  • Lowest Fees: With fees ranging from 0.01-0.04% (0.04% for market orders and 0.02% for Limit orders), ONUS Pro is one of the exchanges with the lowest fees on the market today.

Three versions were released simultaneously:

  • ONUS Futures Lite version, directly integrated into the ONUS application: Minimalist version of ONUS Pro with the most core features, making it easy for new investors to access and trade.
  • ONUS Futures Pro version, integrated directly into the ONUS application: Full-featured version with a professional interface, ready to serve the most professional and demanding traders.
  • Website version:, ONUS Pro on the website is currently only available to ONUS application users. The development team plans to expand ONUS Pro in the near future to allow the international investor community to register and use it directly on ONUS Pro.

Trading fees and operation mechanism of ONUS Futures

Transaction fees on ONUS Pro:

Matching Order Fees 

- 0.04% for “Taker” orders (market orders)

- 0.02% for “Maker” orders (limit orders).

- In addition, users will receive a fee reduction according to the trading volume for 7 days (the lowest fee is: 0.01%).- Details:

Funding Rate

- The funding mechanism of ONUS Pro is based on the calculation of the spread of Futures and Spot markets.

- Users can learn the funding mechanism at:

- Funding Rate collection and payment will be completed in the coming days.

Liquidation Fee

- When liquidation occurs, users will have to pay a Liquidation Fee (this fee will be transferred to the insurance fund). Details can be found at the trading regulation page:

- Note: The fee is only calculated on the user's margin (for isolated orders) and wallet balance (for Cross orders). The insurance fund will cover the missing fee if the user's account is negative or the margin is insufficient.

The order-matching mechanism and operation of perpetual futures trading on ONUS Pro are similar to the standard model of the largest exchanges in the world. Users can learn in detail how to calculate indices and prices based on the formulas described here: In addition, the product is also described relatively fully by the development team.

Listing 12 trading pairs with USDT and VNDC

In the first version, ONUS Pro will officially list the 12 most popular trading pairs, with liquidity provided by ONUS and strategic partners. ONUS Pro will expand more liquidity partners and list new trading pairs, as well as enhance more abundant liquidity for existing pairs in the near future.

Investors can monitor trading pairs and trading parameters at:

Available sooner for a group of users

To ensure the stability and best quality when providing products to users. ONUS Pro will not be ready for everyone. ONUS Pro will be available on the ONUS app for a small subset of VIP users, business partners, and brokers. ONUS Pro will be available to all users in the next few days, thank you for your understanding (if you don’t see ONUS Futures on the app, please wait for a few more days).

ONUS Futures trading will replace NAO Futures on the main screen of the ONUS app for user convenience.