ONUS 2022: A Retrospective

After 3 years of building and developing, ONUS has established itself as one of the industry leaders, serving the investment needs of people all over the world (now totaling over 3.5 million users from over 100 countries).

If you invested with ONUS in the past year, we hope you are pleased with how things turned out. Join ONUS as we reflect on the year’s most memorable moments in order to say goodbye to the upheaval of ’22, usher in the New Year and look ahead to 2023.

New products launching

Following the original plan set out in the beginning of 2022, the ONUS team has released both centralized and decentralized products, gradually refining the home environment to accommodate the needs of all users.

  • ONUS Chain: A community-driven blockchain platform with high performance, good security, low gas fees, and a constantly expanding ecosystem of DeFi products.
  • ONUS Swap: Decentralized application (DApp) with the most basic features to meet users’ DeFi trading needs, including DEX, Launchpad, Invest, NFT.
  • ONUS Pro: An international standard exchange for professional investors, with fast speed, competitive fees and abundant liquidity (to be officially launched in February 2023).

Product Highlights

  1. ONUS Application

By the end of 2022, the ONUS App had received over 3 million downloads in Vietnam and around the world. Through constant upgrades and improvements, the ONUS application has gotten easier to use, run faster, and gained a number of useful features.

  • New Features: My Master, Auto Invest, Automatic Take Profit/Stop Loss, ONUS Shares v3.0, NAO Futures, FutureSwap, Cashback, USDO Mint and Redeem.
  • New Campaigns: Referral Tournament, Futures Trading Contest, ONUS Sharing is Caring, and a series of Airdrop campaigns to reward users.
  • New projects: 12 projects have been introduced to users through ONUS Launchpad: ADT, RUN, MIIN, HES, NAO, ANM, APLUS, PIB, WCI, MIA, BIVE, and PIB.

Remarkable numbers:

  • The number of users that downloaded the ONUS app in Vietnam and others increased by 40% from 2021 to 3.2 million.
  • The number of people using the application every day (Daily active users) reached 60,000 people/day, an increase of 34% compared to 2021. On peak days, 100,000 people were present.
  • The total volume of Exchange transactions for the year reached 17,287,620,331,259 VNDC and 276,895,708 USDT, equivalent to 968 million USD.
  • The total volume of Futures trading (NAO Futures and FutureSwap) soared to 122,975,587,181,173 VNDC and 604,348,782 USDT.
  • In terms of ONUS Usage, Vietnam, India and Nigeria are the top 3 countries.

Notably, in 2022, ONUS was officially granted a license to exchange digital assets in Lithuania, allowing the company to expand operations to European countries.

  1. ONUS Chain Ecosystem

Since officially launching the Mainnet version on 11/11/2022, ONUS Chain has spent nearly two months in operation, achieving significant milestones and integrating a number of DApps, thereby adding to the network’s perfection and delivering a comprehensive user experience.

  • Total Value Locked (TVL): Over $4,370,000
  • Number of transactions: More than 3,140,000
  • Active wallet addresses: More than 500,000

With over 20 DApps in diverse industries in the ecosystem, ONUS Chain is continuously evolving and seeking to become a community-oriented blockchain platform.

  1. ONUS Swap

ONUS Swap is ONUS’s initial step in introducing people to the world of DeFi by allowing users to try out the most basic functions such as DEX, Launchpad, Invest, and NFT.

Following the rapid growth of the ONUS Chain network, users who own ONUS Vip Membership NFT via ONUS Swap will inherit the benefits of this NFT on the ONUS Chain network.

  1. ONUS Pro Exchange

ONUS Pro was revealed with a stunning UI and robust performance, garnering high hopes from the community for an international grade professional exchange. The product has launched a Beta version for the first 1000 users to join the experience early, in preparation for the full official version.

  1. ONUS Coin

2022 also marks the “makeover” of ONUS Coin: converting from ONUS Token to ONUS Coin with a series of utilities in the ONUS ecosystem.


2022 marks the outstanding growth of ONUS in terms of community, with rapid growth across all channels, along with the following impressive numbers:

Also, ONUS develops key partnerships through strategic cooperation:

  • Huobi Global – The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Fundgo – The first Innovative Startup Investment Fund in the Mekong Delta.
  • CAKE, a fee-free digital banking platform developed by BeFinancial and VPBank – Vietnam Prosperity Commercial Joint Stock Bank.
  • Hali Australian – a pioneering technology platform in the field of supporting Vietnamese people to settle in Australia (Migration Technology – MigraTech).


ONUS was also a sponsor, partner, or speaker at a number of high-profile blockchain conferences and seminars in Vietnam and around the world in the year 2022. These efforts are indicative of ONUS’s commitment to the growth of the blockchain industry.

  • Vietnam Online Business Forum 2022 (VOBF)
  • Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2022
  • Technological Investment Cooperation between Vietnam and South Korea at Vietnam Investment Review
  • Discussion session with the topic “Vietnamese Startup and challenges in a volatile future” – Startup Viet 2022 organized by VnExpress
  • Discussion session on “Opportunities and challenges of blockchain technology application in digital economy development” at Foreign Trade University
  • Sharing about NFT at the “Preservation and development of cultural and art industries” Conference, which took place in Binh Duong

This is a brief overview of some of ONUS’s most notable accomplishments and events. In 2022, product development was clearly ONUS’s top priority, which laid the solid foundation for a big growth the following year.

ONUS team would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of our investors, partners, and the whole user community for your unwavering dedication and support over the years.