ONUS Annual Report 2021

ONUS has had a strong transformation in business efficiency and community coverage in 2021. With continuous efforts in product research and development, ONUS has steadily advanced toward the goal of providing equitable investment opportunities to everyone, becoming one of the most used digital asset investing apps in Vietnam.

The report below will highlight ONUS’s most noteworthy operations and events in 2021. This also serves as a critical foundation for ONUS token holders to make accurate investment decisions. 

1. Business efficiency

In 2021, the overall trading volume on the ONUS application was 127,592,769,770,484 VNDC, equivalent to 5,316,365,407 USD, an increase of eightfold over 2020. This statistic demonstrates ONUS’s rapid growth in the last year.

2021 also marked an explosion in ONUS user growth in both quantity and quality. Specifically:

– In 2021, the total number of users was 1,833,974 people, including 1,009,573 new users.

– Daily active users hit 44,326, and peak day users reached 125,512.

– Monthly user growth peaks in September (up 158,057 people) and December (increasing 226,703 users).

These growth rates result from ONUS’s ongoing product research and development efforts, progressively conquering the target of 10 million consumers by 2024.

2. New updates

In 2021, ONUS continuously provided useful features and tools that maximize users’ investment experience. Here are some standout updates:

Features and utilities: 

  • Invest: A feature that helps users track the market and manage their portfolio. Support tracking and setting the cost price. 
  • For you: Tips to help optimize investment efficiency. Follow the latest updated market news.
  • My Partners: A feature that helps connect customers with business partners.
  • Report Scam: A feature that allows users to report fraudulent information on the application. 
  • ONUS Shares: Optimize benefits for investors holding ONUS tokens.
  • Protection Fund: A protection fund for assets stored on the ONUS application, giving customers peace of mind when investing. 
  • Add USDT as the base currency.
  • Develop the ONUS Launchpad platform with a new way of sale opening.
  • Issue the new business policies, optimize mechanisms, and improve benefits for business partners.

Materials and tools:

  • Markets: Place where investors can update the market every day.
  • Research: Digital asset dictionary to help look up information about each token.
  • Resources: A place to store and share resources from ONUS for customers and partners.
  • Fee Structures: Help customers look up transaction fees on ONUS.

3. Highlight events

  • Rebranding: Introduce new ONUS Whitepaper. Convert VIDB token to ONUS token with new Smart Contract and monthly burn route. 953,610 ONUS tokens had been burnt. The total circulating supply until the end of 2021 is 29,046,390 ONUS.
  • ONUS token is officially listed on MEXC – one of the largest centralized exchanges in the world with more than 6 million users.
  • Listed 323 tokens, bringing the total number of assets supported on ONUS to 337. The top 10 most traded tokens are USDT, ONUS, ETH, DOGE, BTC, KAI, BTT, BAKE, BNB, TOMO. 
  • Successfully introduced 23 projects to users via ONUS Launchpad: SPG, HTD, DPET, WHC, CHI, HNG, RICE, TPH, LTD, MAN, BAMI, ATS,…
  • Introduce ONUS Launcher: Launchpad investment fund up to 20 million USD dedicated to blockchain Startups in Vietnam.
  • Upgrade customer support system and process, successfully handle 115,047 support requests of 48,363 users. 
  • Develop a benefits system for ONUS holders.

In particular, in 2021, ONUS also launched the ONUS Marathon tournaments for all users and business partners with a total prize of 102,950 ONUS, receiving enthusiastic participation and support from the community. 

4. Expanding and Connecting

The year 2021 highlighted ONUS’s rapid growth and expansion into the community. The network of corporate partners grew significantly, reaching over 1000, a 200% increase over 2020. 

Additionally, 2021 was the year in which ONUS expanded its strategic cooperation relationship with Vietnamese and international partners. ONUS’s communication channels also accomplished several outstanding feats.

ONUS has garnered considerable attention from the worldwide media due to its remarkable performance. Bloomberg and more than 150 news agencies have covered ONUS, displaying the brand’s reputation and assisting in the brand’s worldwide expansion.

The above is a summary of ONUS’s most significant events and accomplishments. 2021 is the year in which ONUS concentrates on building a foundation in preparation for more explosive efforts in 2022, especially brand positioning on the global blockchain map. 

ONUS team would like to sincerely thank the investors, partners, and the user community for your support and encouragement throughout the years. 

Best regards, 

ONUS team.