ONUS App Launched New Version (3.4.2)

To improve user experience, the team officially released version 3.4.2 of the ONUS application with some adjustments and additions.

Important updates:

  • QR code integration for VNDC Buy/Sell feature
  • Allow users to use locked ONUS to join ONUS Shares

**Please update the app to version 3.4.2 in Appstore (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

1. Instructions for using QR code when buying VNDC

B1. At the main screen, scroll down to Applications and select Buy VNDC

B2. Choose Buy Online or Buy Via Partner

B3. Enter the amount of VNDC you want to buy. The minimum transaction is 50,000 VNDC, maximum transaction depends on VIP level.

B4. Choose Buy. You have successfully created a purchase order.

B5: Pay for the VNDC purchase order.

You need to access Internet Banking application, or use other transfer methods to make payment for VNDC purchase order. You will transfer your money to the bank account provided by ONUS to buy online or transfer your money to the Partner’s bank account according to the transfer information displayed on the app to buy via Partner.

In two ways:

Method 1: Enter the transfer information yourself

  • Access your Internet Banking app
  • Enter/copy the exact transfer information according to the information displayed on the screen and make the transfer.

Method 2 (new): Use QR code

  • Download the QR code provided by ONUS.
  • Open your Internet Banking app, select Transfer and upload a QR code image. All VNDC purchase order information will be automatically entered.
  • Make a bank transfer to complete the VNDC purchase order.

Note for Deposit/Withdrawal Partners:

After confirming the user’s VNDC purchase order, deposit/withdrawal partners can also download the QR code to enter information more quickly and accurately.

2. Instructions to deposit locked ONUS into ONUS Shares

Locked ONUS is the amount of ONUS user temporarily locked to upgrade VIP Level or become a Business Partner. After the new update (3.4.2), users can join ONUS Shares with this amount of locked ONUS.

B1. At the main screen, scroll down to Applications and select ONUS Shares

B2. Open the vONUS tab. Scroll down to find ONUS Lock pool (365 days)

B3. Deposit your locked ONUS into this pool to join ONUS Shares and get vONUS points.

Important Note:

According to the previous mechanism, users who own locked ONUS:

  • Get Staking Daily reward with a rate of 1:2 (Get 2 VNDC for every ONUS deposit).
  • The amount of locked ONUS is not allowed to join ONUS Shares.

Starting from this 3.4.2 update, owners of locked ONUS please note the following changes:

  • ONUS allows users to use this amount of locked ONUS to join ONUS Shares to receive revenue shares, and acquire ownership of the ONUS platform.
  • ONUS stops paying Staking Daily reward for this amount of locked ONUS.