ONUS App released version 4.0.1

In order to improve users’ investment experience, ONUS has upgraded the entire application (version 4.0.1). With improvements in interface and logic, the new version will optimize the experience and meet the investment needs of more than 3 million users.

In particular, this update will also prepare for the launch of ONUS Pro with derivatives trading products in the near future.

From these fourth upgrades (4.x.x), the ONUS app will bring an easier and more professional trading and investment experience to users, and further improve to serve both Vietnamese users and international users.

Main upgrades:

  • Upgrade Market interface: Integrate buying/selling features, upgrade UI to improve chart tracking experience.
  • Upgrade Investment interface: Synthesize potential investment tools and opportunities.
  • Upgrade Staking Daily feature: Synthesize flexible & term interest payment programs. Added a return-over-time estimator.
  • Change the display position of the Portfolio Analysis.

*Please visit Google Play/Appstore to update the ONUS app to the latest version (4.0.1)

1. Market Interface

The entire interface has been refreshed to upgrade the market tracking experience for investors.

The features of Trade (Spot), Futures and P2P are gathered in one interface to help users easily observe and choose the most profitable form of transaction. The Master feature is also integrated with the market interface to help users easily find trading ideas & signals.

1.1. Assets: A list 600+ tokens available on ONUS

  • Easily track price movements.
  • Easily add tokens to Watchlist for easy tracking.
  • See at a glance Gainers, Losers, Top 100, Top Trending.
  • Sort the token list by Price/24h Change.

1.2. Futures (coming soon): A list of Futures trading pairs

  • Follow supported Futures trading pairs on ONUS.
  • Easily add tokens to Watchlist for easy tracking.
  • Easily place orders, track positions and manage Futures accounts.

1.3. P2P: Peer-to-peer transactions with other ONUS users.

1.4. Master: The feature that connects Experts and users.

2. Investment Interface

The Investment interface will introduce all the accumulation/investment opportunities for users. Investors can also borrow capital, or join Launchpad through this interface.

2.1. Investment: Synthesize investment and profit opportunities on ONUS

  • Keep track of Farming Pools sorted by Popularity/Newest/Highest APY.
  • Monitor Staking Daily interest in Flexible/Terminal Forms.
  • Explore the current cycle of ONUS Shares.

2.2. Credit Line: Use digital assets to borrow VNDC quickly and pay at any time.

2.3. Launchpad: Access to the initial funding of potential blockchain projects.

3. Staking Daily Interface

Staking Daily – the users’ favourite feature – has been drastically upgraded with a better, smarter interface. Easily keep track of your interest portfolio and a list of assets that are paying Flexible or Term Staking Daily interest.

In particular, the new upgrade allows users to easily calculate the Expected Staking Daily interest for each asset to estimate the return with the intended amount of investment.

4. Portfolio Interface

In the latest version, users can track the list of assets they own at the main screen. Select “Portfolio Analysis” to track details of allocation ratio, % and profit/loss volume.

In addition, many further upgrades are in the process of being finalized and will be announced soon.