ONUS Buy and Burn Policy

According to the rebranding plan announced on October 20, 2021, VNDC was repositioned with a new brand of ONUS, while the VIDB token representing VNDC Wallet was officially converted into ONUS token. Let’s dig in the benefits an investor owning ONUS has.

Benefits of owning ONUS

ONUS is the spinal token that represents the value of the ONUS ecosystem. Investors can use ONUS tokens to reduce/pay transaction fees, participate in launchpad programs, mortgage/pay interest on loans…

Specifically, when investors participate in ONUS Shares, they can receive profits, daily transaction fees according to the holding ratio. The ONUS team has completed the ONUS Shares Voting feature. It will allow ONUS Shares investors to participate directly in several important ONUS decisions, such as listing new assets, assessing Launchpad project, proposing new features for apps…

Buyback and Burn Policy

Besides the benefits of the ONUS app, the ONUS team commits to spending 20% of profit every month on buying back ONUS tokens from the market and removing them from circulation (burn) until the amount of ONUS in the market is only 50%.

On the last week of each month, ONUS will purchase ONUS tokens from the market and burn them. The amount of ONUS burned is determined by ONUS profit from the previous month.

Monthly, the ONUS team will update the specific quantity and the ONUS burn code at goonus.io/onus. The ONUS burn will begin from this month, on October 31, 2021.

Interested investors can find out about the ONUS Whitepaper in detail here. The Whitepaper is a promise and commitment from the ONUS development team, with the goal of making ONUS a global application that will provide valuable financial investing tools to tens of millions of people.