ONUS Chain and RICE Wallet announce partnership

Aiming to provide the best experience for the community in the Decentralized Finance and Web3 space, ONUS Chain has officially announced a strategic partnership with RICE Wallet. This collaboration is not only a new step for ONUS Chain but also marks a milestone in the development of the RICE Wallet.

Partnership details

Through the official partnership with ONUS Chain, RICE Wallet will become the main Non-Custodial wallet in the ecosystem. Besides, RICE will also support the ONUS Chain network right from the testnet phase for users to experience the product.

About the ONUS Chain, the network will support RICE tokens and establish RICE liquidity on the ONUS Chain. From there, both parties will jointly develop a complete Web3 ecosystem for the community.

The cooperation between ONUS Chain and RICE Wallet will provide a convenient and fast experience for users when participating in the ecosystem and Dapps built on ONUS Chain.

About RICE Wallet

RICE Wallet is a Non-Custodial wallet and is built to make it easy for newcomers to access decentralized finance and solve user experience problems on today’s DeFi wallets.

In addition to the basic features of a DeFi wallet, which is to store digital assets securely, RICE Wallet also has outstanding features such as direct asset conversion, asset management, rewards, On-chain transaction fee-refund up to 30% and many more features.

In particular, RICE Wallet is tested for security simultaneously by 3 reputable partners: Certik, CyStack and Verichains.

Find out more about RICE Wallet: https://bit.ly/3CzKLHD