ONUS Coin: The harmony of Decentralization and Centralization

ONUS Coin is a cryptocurrency that is widely used in both centralized and decentralized ONUS products. Investors who own ONUS Coin can put it to use in a variety of ways and gain numerous benefits. The details are as follows: 

1. Centralized products:

  • ONUS App:

An investment platform that currently supports trading 600+ popular digital assets, with features that allows users to earn both active and passive income.

ONUS app users receive many benefits when holding ONUS Coin: Profit sharing and governance rights to contribute to ONUS decisions through ONUS Shares, VIP Upgrade, and Partner Upgrade. In the near future, users can also use ONUS to buy and sell other digital assets.

  • ONUS Pro Exchange:

A professional exchange with low transaction fees and outstanding speed capabilities. Crypto derivatives available on ONUS Pro, along with the flexible order modes, give investors a wide range of ways to enter the market.

ONUS Coin will be used to pay transaction fees at the ONUS Pro exchange when it launches in the near future.

2. Decentralized products:

  • ONUS Chain Ecosystem

ONUS Chain is a community blockchain network focused on DeFi and Web3 products. It’s no surprise that many teams and individuals have chosen to build their projects on the ONUS Chain network due to its rapid transaction speed, low gas fees, and high security.

By acting as a validator (masternode), ONUS holders can receive a share of transaction fees from ONUS Chain.

To build and utilize these projects, builders and users need to use ONUS Coin to pay gas fees. This increases the utility and demand for ONUS Coin.